Downtown Boise IDaho

Boise Idaho

If you are not from Boise you may be wondering what the hype is all about? Boise State Bronco Football has been the most talked about team in the country for their accomplishments and almost every major media referencing Boise as one of the Best Places to Live, Work and Play.  While John Flaherty Call Boise Home, many move here every year because of how much fun they have had visiting Boise.

Why Boise, ID? For everyone it is a little different but two common themes are family and lifestyle. Following family is by far the most common answer. Families are suggesting and encouraging their parents and siblings to move to Boise with them. Imagine the people you are close to e most saying come with us to Boise, ID? You’d have to believe there is something to that. Want to know what the second common string is? Lifestyle. Obviously these two things go hand in hand but so many people have come to Boise and had such a great time that they decided to make Boise their base camp. We could write an encyclopedia on all the things to do in Boise, with four seasons, a desert, a river, mountains, foothills, extensive greenbelt system, ski resort, lakes, and numerous parks. Boise truly is the Metro Resort of the Northwest. Combine this with other popular features such as affordability and culture, it makes sense that the growth of the area has exploded over the last decade.

So why are you considering Boise? Whether relocating for a job or following family, when you are considering Idaho real estate, it really is about the location. Each area of Boise Metro is very distinctive and can provide more of the lifestyle you may want. For example if you want to walk or bike to the local coffee shop in the morning and then find your friends for cocktails in the afternoon you may enjoy the North End. Of course, you may not want to see anybody most of the day and enjoy the urban areas surrounding Boise. Each area has its own feel and energy. Your Idaho real estate agent can help you better understand each community in the Boise Metro Area. We want you to tell your friends as well how great life is in Idaho!